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Dr. Mazzarella has devoted his career to whiplash injuries, both in treating patients suffering from this disorder and teaching healthcare providers about the basic principals of this injury and how to use a multidisciplinary approach to care to help alleviate symptoms in a time frame that is usually quicker then the current guidelines.

Dr. Mazzarella’s training involves over 400 post graduate hours of training, on whiplash, whiplash traumatology, and whiplash treatment. Including a certificate in whiplash and brain traumatology, an advanced certificate in whiplash and brain traumatology, a certification in motor vehicle trauma and a specialized certification in motor vehicle crash forensic risk analysis.

In addition, Dr. Mazzarella reviews hundreds of peer reviewed literature articles on whiplash, whiplash associated disorders, and pain management each year, so that he can keep up with the most up-to-date information to better serve his patients and the doctors participating in his post graduate continuing education courses.

During Dr. Mazzarella’s whiplash training, he also attended the 2006 International Whiplash Conference held in San Diego California and participated in crash test studies involving live human occupants and bio-rid crash test dummies.

Dr. Mazzarella stated, “This Conference provided attending physicians the opportunity to see first hand live full scale human volunteer crashes at low speed. By having the opportunity to actually see how the injury mechanism occurs, I believe that I can now provide a more complete and detailed treatment plan for my patients. This will hopefully not only decrease the chance of the patient developing chronic pain, but also decrease the duration of care needed by each patient due to the specificity of the treatment plan I can develop for each individual person. Each person is unique and each person’s treatment plan should be unique and detailed to their needs to receive the best results possible.”

Lastly, Dr. Mazzarella has joined with the American Chiropractic Association to teach a whiplash teleseminar series that was offered in October 2009 and September 2010. Please see the ACA's website for further information about this CE approved teleseminar.

ACA Teleseminar: