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Health & Wellness Doctors

Improving Performance in Sports! Get the Edge.

Sports Specific Edge Rehabilitation by Dr. Jason Mazzarella

Neuro-Muscular Re-Education and Strength Training.

The Dr. Mazzarella Edge Performance service is not a service needed to be a great athlete. It is a service that compliments a great athlete and helps the improve their current function and activity, so that you can get to the next level.

Our 7 Step Approach.

We have a 7 Step Approach to improved function. 

1. Functional Analysis
2. Proprioception Analysis
3. Mobility Analysis
4. Injury Prevention Therapy
5. Neuromuscular Re-Education
6. Advanced Sports Specific Strength Training
7. Advanced Recovery 

State of the Art Equipment and Education to Advance Your Sporting Ability

Treatment for the next century.


Eliete sports performance comes down to seconds and millimetres. At Universal Health & Rehabilitation we understand the importance of 1 second, 1 tenth of a second, 1 inch or 1 tenth of an inch. We have designed a neuroproprioceptive training program to help athletes improve proprioception (body awareness) using state of the art digital testing, research and slow motion kinematic analysis. 

OUR GOAL is to give you the EDGE!

Our goal is to give you the athletic edge. We know that to be the best, we have to train. What most people forget is that can train our nervous system to react. This gives you the EDGE, call today.