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Health & Wellness Doctors

Dr. Mazzarella has over 3000 hours of clinical training under the supervision of a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapist treating patients suffering from whiplash, chronic pain, post traumatic stress disorder, shoulder/knee injuries, and post surgical cases such as shoulder reconstruction, knee reconstruction, and amputee’s functional rehabilitation.

In addition, Dr. Mazzarella was selected into a clinical rotation at the United States Olympic Training Facility in Lake Placid New York. This rotation concentrated on sports medicine and the rehabilitation of elite athletes. During Dr. Mazzarella’s stay at the Olympic Training Facility, he was introduced to different training and rehabilitative techniques to help speed up the recovery process and prevent future injury and pain.

Dr. Mazzarella now uses some of these same techniques in treating his patients that are suffering from sports injuries, whiplash and chronic pain.