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Health & Wellness Doctors

Introduction to Service.

This is an example site for potential insurers and plaintiff lawyers wishing to use my service. This site will go live April 1, 2016. The video's depicted will be labelled with a case number that will correspond to a report. This will be detailed in the report along with this log in information and password. The video will stay on the site for no longer than 3 months. The video will show how the occupant would react in a collision in order to support my determinations. As the only doctor in Canada that is also an accident reconstructionist and crash forensics specialist, this allows an unbiased and non-rebuttable determination of need.

An example report is provided below along with a supporting video. The screen shots of this video were put into the report as well. The insured complained of knee pain, went to the ER and since she had a pre-existing meniscus injury, was informed that she re-injured her meniscus. What made matters worse is that just before the end of the MIG, her knee gave out and she fell fracturing her wrist. Once I completed the assessment I found her treatment to be non-specific and found that a meniscus injury could not have occurred due to this specific crash as there would have been no knee compression and torque.

The actual video's will be different as they will be screen shots where I describe the injury in my own words and use computer generated anatomical models to explain injury patterns, or lack there of, along with potential need.

Example Report

Due to size it has been added in two parts.