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Health & Wellness Doctors

Kinematic Injury Prevention.

Kinematics is the motion of a body and systems. Dr. Mazzarella has a degree in Kinesiology Movement Science and a Diplomate in Pain Management from the American Academy of Pain Management and the Canadian Academy of Pain Management. This combined training allows for an in depth understanding of how our postures, actions and functions affect our muscles while preforming general and routine activities of daily living, and how this can lead to continuous and chronic pain processes.

Dr. Mazzarella says, "Many times our muscles can undergo repetitive trauma due to our normal daily actions. This repetitive trauma over time can lead to pain, numbness, tingling and reduced efficiency at work. 

By understanding the pain presentation of a patient, along with their general kinematics a more precise determination of therapy need can be made helping to reduce the overall duration of disability and pain."

For more information about our kinematic injury prevention program, call our office today.